The Worst Camping Mistakes

As much as camping can be fun, some of the worst mistakes can turn the entire trip upside down. Lack of planning and preparation is the mail cause of camping fails. Since you are far away from home, spending a few days in the wilderness, you need to be fully equipped so that you could survive those few days. So here are some of the worst camping mistakes that you need to avoid.

Not testing new perfect equipmentJust imagine you are out camping with your entire family and try to turn on the grill to feed your hungry kids, only to find out that it does not work. You are in deep trouble. You’d have to run back to town and bring some extra food to last a few days. If you’ve bought new tents or sleeping bags, put them up in your backyard and check if the work fine. The last thing you need is to have holes and broken wire in your tent.

  • Keeping food and toiletries in your tentIt is obvious that leaving food in the tent can attract a band of ants and other insects so you could say goodbye to your comfortable sleep. Similarly, even toiletries such as toothpaste, soap can attract animals. So, keep all such items locked away in your vehicle or in a storage bag far away from your tents.
    • Arriving in the darkOf course, you will find it difficult to put up your tent and settle down in the dark, especially if it is an unfamiliar campsite. So always try to arrive at the site during day time. If it is a long drive, maybe you could leave home the previous night so that you could arrive by afternoon. If you do arrive in the night due to traffic, then be equipped with strong flash lights.
      • Not packing a repair kitDo not trust your new equipment too much, you never know when things can go wrong. Your tent could be leaking or your storage bags might get some holes on them. No matter what, you need to be ready. Your repair kit should include, extra rope, a sewing kit, a role of duct tape, swiss army knife and an extra pair of shoelaces.
        • Underestimating the weatherHow sure can you be of the weather report? They could say it’s a beautiful sunny day so leave all your rain gear at home and on the next day at the site it starts pouring. Well, you are in trouble. So always remember to pack your rain gear. It’s never too much. Also, plan some rainy-day activities so that everyone stops sulking and is in good spirit.