How To Cope With Living With A Disability

Kids in this generation lack a very primary quality which is none other than respect! They not only don’t respect elders but they also don’t respect themselves! Which is another major reason we the many cases of self-inflicted pain and eventually suicide. They don’t respect their bodies or themselves enough to understand that they don’t deserve such pain. They should be taught that no matter what, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In the case of respecting others, we know for ourselves, that as kids we were more respectful towards our parents. And the generation before ours addressed the fathers by ‘Sir’ as a form of respect. But in these days kids have very little or no respect towards their parents. This is because parents don’t teach the kids the need to respect their elders. They should be taught to always be watchful of their tongue when talking to an elder person and so on!

Some call it disability, but to me it is special ability! I strongly believe in the statement that disability is not inability! It is merely special ability. As a sibling to a strong willed and immensely successful one legged brother, I can guarantee that life is difficult for persons with a disability but definitely not impossible. In fact it is more than possible!

Read below to find out some tips that may be very useful to you!

Accept with all your heart!

The first step to cope with your disability is to accept the person you are or have become to be. You need to realize that you are person who can contribute so much to this world! You need accept the fact that you are beautiful and able to achieve anything that you set your heart to. Unless you accept that this is who you are, you will be unable to achieve anything in life. You need to work on building your self-confidence. Because I know for a fact that people with disabilities are way more talented and special than the ‘perfectly normal humans’!


Being active will help you cope with your disability. The more you busy yourself with more pressing and important matters, the lesser time you will have to exhaust yourself with self-loathing! You might even be able to finally come to terms with your disability. My brother who lost a limb after a fatal car crash, used to sulk for days on because of his loss. He hated getting out of bed and even going to the wash room was seen as a burden to him. But you should look at him now! With help of us family, he was made to understand that he deserved so much more in life. And that losing a limb doesn’t mean he can achieve what he loves in life. In fact he should only try harder! With every little activity we got him to do alone he felt and became increasingly independent. Resulting in him becoming a part time great driving instructor for people with various disabilities! 

Get involved

You need to be involved in as many organizations and groups that celebrate disability as possible. Because this will definitely give you the upper hand that you seek. It will give you the chance to attain the various goals and dreams you have. You will also have the added advantage of being able to find people who will be able to understand you better and you will feel equal to. It will help you find the peace that you seek for! My brother found it especially easier to get on with life once he got involved in a group of young men who had disabilities. They would help each other every step of the way and each and every one of them have now become successful in their own way. From putting up a driving school Indooroopilly to operating a multimillion dollar business they have it all!


Finally, society is like two sides of the coin. There is the sweet side and the sour one. There will be staring, unnecessary questions and sometimes too much sympathy that it gets so irritating! The best way to deal with the society is to only take the things that you want to, and ignore the rest!