DIY- Fix Your Car\’s Air Conditioner

Before you decide to fix your car’s air conditioner you have to understand how your Air Conditioning system and heating system in your car works. Without a properly working Air conditioning or heating system you could be miserable in your car, while you drive to work. We take for granted the heat that keep us warm during the winter and the cold air that keep us cool during the hot summer season. This is reason enough to realize how much of an important role that your car’s heating/ air conditioning system works, to keep you happy.

Basically your car’s heater works as a hot engine coolant. This consists of a small radiator known as the heater core, which gives out hot air, from your A/C system. The problem appears when your heater core becomes blocked with sludge, a kind of an oily black grime paste, which prevents you from getting the heat that you need. This problem can be spotted early. When you get a sweaty odor, this might mean that you have a small leak in the heater core. As the heater core is usually hidden under your dash board, replacing it would be quite costly.

The air conditioning system that provides cold air has a different make up. It involves a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion valve. The air conditioning system can produce very cold air in a short amount of time, as a result of the increase in compressed gas, and eventually cool air blows out of your vents.

You may encounter common problems in your A/C system, from time to time; therefore to keep it in optimum condition you should put your car into a garage for car air conditioning repair in Hallam. One major problem that you will encounter is that there may be a leak, that will cause loss of refrigerant, and if this is the case it will need to be fixed immediately.

Now that you understand how your car’s air conditioning system works, you will be ready to tackle any problem that you come across in your A/C system, yourself before heading into a your local garage that offer auto electrical, mechanical and air conditioning repairs.

This is how you can check for problems. First you should start your car and turn on your air-conditioner, on high. Check whether the air flowing out is not as cool as it should be. If you feel that the air turns from warm to cool, there may be a problem with the air flow. Then you should check to see, if the A/C compressor is working properly. There is a way you can do this. When the A/C is on, there is a clutch that engages with it. If the clutch does not engage, then the probable fact would be that the A/C compressor is broken. Before you come to this conclusion however, check if the wire that leads from your compressor to the electric clutch is intact. If not, this will need to be replaced. The final step is to look if there are leaks in the A/C system. If you do not spot a leak, then the problem is not that serious. It might probably be that the refrigerant in your A/C system is low. If this is the case, then you only have to purchase a refrigerant and use it to fix the issue. If you however detect a leak in the A/C system please take your car for repairs, as replacing an A/C compressor would need specialized tools, and the task would be beyond your scope, how much of a mechanic enthusiast you may happen to be.