Customer Is King

What should you bear in mind when test driving a vehicle? Remember that you are the customer and not the seller of the vehicle or the sales representative. That is the best way to test drive a vehicle. When it comes to test-driving of a vehicle, you, the customer, should set the guidelines, not the seller or the sales representative.

Even if the vehicle that you are going to test-drive is from the well known used car dealer named Buy Used Car, who is reputed for selling pre-owned vehicles that are of mint condition, or from any other dealers for that matter, if you are not happy with the vehicle, the best thing to do is not to buy it. Before you go for the test-drive, do a bit of research on the internet. Be thoroughly prepared. Being prepared is the main thing. In a test drive, what you usually do is try to identify issues in the vehicle for your mechanic to inspect and make the offer based on the condition of the car. You don’t, during a test-drive, try to find answers to issues. If you are not well-versed in vehicle, the best thing to do is to take a mechanic along. He would help you identify issues.

Before the test drive, it is always advisable to tell the owner or the sales representative of your intentions. Do not create the impression that you are going to pay spot cash. Let them know that you have limited funds and ask them whether they do second hand car financing Hong Kong. If not, ask them to recommend a company that deals in it. When it comes to dealing, it is always good to be transparent. Then, the two parties can finish the deal without any hard feelings.

In addition, before the test-drive, make a plan of the route you are going to take. Don’t let the owner or the sales representative tell you what route to take. Try to make the test-route a combination of long highways, local streets, and a parking lot. Remember, when test-driving to accelerate the vehicle. Also, negotiate how long the test drive is going to take. It is good if you can at least test-drive for half an hour.

Finally, one very important thing keep in mind is not to take your family along for a test-drive. They can be a source of distraction. They may persuade you to take them along, but explain why you cannot take them with you. If you explain to them that you need to put in your 100% to the test-drive, they would certainly understand.