Breakdown Lorries And Their History

The break down lorry is a vehicle that is made use of to transfer disabled, unacceptably parked and impounded vehicles. They might be involved in the task to remove a vehicle that is damaged or to pull a vehicle back to a drivable surface due some issue with the driving or moving a vehicle to a garage for repairs.The break down lorry is also commonly called the tow truck and is commonly confused with a motor carrier, but they are two totally different vehicles that serve different purposes. The break down lorry was designed in 1916 by Ernest Holmes, Sr. who lived in Tennessee, a car repairman who was motivated to build the machine in the wake of requiring blocks of stone, ropes, and six individuals to haul an auto out of a stream. After enhancing his machine he started producing them on a commercial basis. The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum present in the town where he grew up showcases reestablished classical wreckers, instruments, hardware, and pictorial histories of the business that Ernest made.

There are five main types of towing trucks that are used nowadays and the usage is dictated by the type and the size of the vehicle. One is the Boom that makes use of an adaptable boom along with a winch and is commonly used for the purpose of pulling vehicles from ditches or similar situations. Certain types of booms are fixed in position, some feature a frames and others make use of hydraulic telescoping cylinders.

During the early days, these Lorries made use of a hook and chain mechanism where the chain is hung around the vehicle and then lifted by a winch. The wheel lift lorry takes the hook and chain mechanism a step further by using a metallic harness that fixes under the front or back wheels and pulls the front or the rear of the vehicle off the ground.Repo Lorries take both the above mechanisms and integrated them into a single vehicle. They are most commonly used in instances where there is the need to remove cars or transfer vehicles that are illegally parked. Modern repo trucks have all the controls inside the vehicle which makes hooking up the vehicle much easier.Flatbed Lorries are where the whole behind part of the lorry is turned into a bed that can be pulled down to the level of the road which enables the vehicle to be moved on to the lorry and carried to the destination. In most countries they are used to remove extremely damaged vehicles from crash sites.